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Highview College Connected Learning

Genuine Innovation in Education – At Last!

Imagine, never again, having to wait for an end of semester report? This is now the reality at Highview College, Maryborough. Parents can now see student progress and task assessment in real time, enjoy easy access to resources and assessment guidelines as well as view progressive teacher feedback. Never again will parents have to wait for a Parent-Teacher Conference or for the arrival of a semester report to know the progress of their son or daughter. 

In January 2017, Highview College, as a fully enabled laptop School, made a major innovation in the way we communicate with students, parents and guardians. The implementation SEQTA, an all-in-one collaborative teaching and learning ecosystem empowered teachers, students, and parents to share an open understanding of the learning journey. This simplifies and enriches the experience for all, but particularly parents, who now have access to knowing the requirements for each task being undertaken, how it will be assessed, when it is due and how progress is unfolding.

Throughout 2016, Highview staff trialed and fine-tuned the system, including using it to track attendance and Pastoral Care records. A number of staff, further developed their skills by offering online lessons and enabling students to engage with and revise content in effective and meaningful ways. Parents involved in this trial were offered unparalleled levels of access to what was happening within the classroom. These trials were so successful, that the system was rolled-out to all staff, all families and all students at the start of 2017.

The SEQTA innovation has resulted in some important changes to the way we conduct our business, delivering benefits for all involved in learning progress. These include:

  • Increasing engagement between teachers, students, and parents – as students are able to access important course materials and notes at any time, and parents are able to view these notes and engage with their children and teachers as necessary
  • Parents now attend Parent Student Teacher meetings with both knowledge and information. Parents can ask questions based on a full understanding of the progress
  • Improving communication between teachers, students, and parents, allowing for a full, transparent education ‘conversation’ between school and home – no longer are classrooms hidden behind doors and curtains, but the work of teachers and students is being showcased
  • Online lesson delivery – provides richer content, with the ability for teachers to upload relevant resources and notes to help students succeed.
  • Students have access to SEQTA as an essential revision and study tool, even when they are off-campus or absent from school
  • Making homework and assessment details known – relieving some of the stress for both students and parents as information is easily accessible
  • Timely and relevant feedback to students – school policy ensures that the majority of all work is marked and feedback returned to students within two weeks of it being completed with the process and feedback being available via SEQTA for students and parents to review and action
  • The phasing out of semester reports – as continuous feedback replaces the need for dense and confusing summative reports with no more ‘surprises’ in these reports for unsuspecting parents.


In 2017, we have registered all parents and guardians, allowing them access to the parent SEQTA portal, Highview Engage. Through Highview Engage, parents and guardians have access to feedback, upcoming assessments, details of homework and other tasks, summaries of Pastoral Care notes, school notices, and a range of other important information. 


Highview College is committed to ensuring that transparent communication is a major part of what we do through empowering teachers, students, and parents in the learning journey.